Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

It is my pleasure to illustrate my best wishes to all the abroad Universities who are willing to recruit Bangladeshi students for higher studies. We envision only the quality education can improve the family and the nation. The young educated students are the backbone of a nation. Many of them are experiencing high scarcity of quality higher education. Therefore, send off proper students to proper foreign universities would benefit our nation.

JTEC is delivering a truly global experience and helps you to think globally and compete strategically in any economy. JTEC strongly contemplate that education entrepreneurship is not only a business rather it is a noble profession of serving the country and the globe thriving human resources as an asset instead of family and social burden to undertake the growing challenges of modern era.

It is merely possible by one organization to fulfill those challenges and wider demands. Therefore, we look forward to the quality and high ranked international universities and institutions as our proud partner in this endeavor. Our partnership model is long-term which is aligning with our vision, mission and objectives. We can create a strong bondage each other.

We are working as a dedicated “Mason” to build our nation educated.

We truly apprehend “Together We Achieve MORE”

Warm Regards,